Temi Otedola a.k.a JTO Fashion

The Modern Woman (Part 2)

This year, the Wana Sambo brand began a series titled; “Modern Woman” where we collaborate with women who we believe speak to today’s woman.

The Modern Woman is unapologetic about her beauty, brains and kick-ass personality. She does not conform to the school of thought that says “she must not threaten the man.”

The Modern Woman is: confident, dynamic, humane, compassionate and unstoppable. She is whoever she dares to be.

The first series (Modern Woman Part 1) starred Laila Johnson-Salami and for the 2nd series or as we call it; The “Modern Woman (Part 2)” collection, our muse has consistently proven that fashion is more than just a combination of pieces to make a statement, she has used her style to control today’s woman’s narrative on how she is perceived and represented through fashion.


The Modern Woman (Part 2) collection is titled; “Unapologetically Woman!” and Temi Otedola, or as she is popularly called, JTO, is our star! Temi is a fashion lifestyle blogger, media personality, content creator and presenter. As a fashion influencer who fused high end fashion with the best of West African designs, she launched her website jtofashion.com in 2014 and has since expressed herself through it. Temi is a magazine contributor, a brand consultant and brand ambassador.

We designed 3 garments for this collection;

LOOK 1: The JTO Pair: An elegantly fitted feminine cut peplum blouse with a rushed sleeve on the right side (while her left sleeve is left bare) is paired with a flare skirt designed with cascading drapes and front split guaranteed to turn heads when the Wana Sambo Woman walk into any room.

Look 2: The CHIZO Pair: An exaggerated bishop collar sleeveless blouse with full flare cascading drapes on one side (from shoulder to bodice) paired with an asymmetric flare skirt.

Look 3: The OYINKAN Dress: She's a pleated bodice midi-dress with on/off-shoulder asymmetrical sleeves. Her deep V-neckline with a draping side train and a zipper at the back make her a “Multifunctional Boss Babe"

These garments are feminine, sexy, and unapologetically woman!

“The Wana Sambo Woman is Strong, Sexy and Exotic! She is You, She is everything you dare to be.”

Wana Sambo