The Wana Sambo Holiday 2017 Collection #WSHoliday2017 says “Women, you own this season!” 

This collection merges female compassion and strength into the spirit of festivity with each look portraying the essence of the Holidays with Christmas being our focal point where the importance of giving and sharing love and compassion for one another is celebrated. 

Featuring multiple award winning actor, Adesua Etomi, in a never before seen light, the #WSHoliday2017 look book pictures the stunning actor in key pieces such as a low cut-out back lace textured dress, an off shoulder tulle blouse and a frilly suit textured skirt to mention a few which all are necessities for every woman’s holiday closet! 

Between the cut-out shoulder loose-fit blouse to the structured jackets with the 60’s style masculine appeal to its cut, the #WanaSamboWoman will be at a loss for choice as to choosing which pieces she will tag as “favorite” this season. 

The #WSHoliday2017 collection also features a Video Campaign with Adesua Etomi, showing stages in a woman’s life from her wanting attention to preparing for a date to her showing her maternal nature/instinct where she’s seen showing love to a child on the street who asked for her help. This last scene emphasizes the importance of giving and caring for one another this festive season while expressing the compassion and strength every WanaSamboWoman possesses! 

“Women, you own this season.” 

We want everyone to make Christmas more magical than ever — and every #WanaSamboWoman is responsible for creating this magic by giving and putting a smile on every ones faces either by their look, attitude and/or outfit! Preferably all three!! 

Happy Holidays! #WSHolidayEdit2017